Hello everyone! My name is lachlan and I'm new!

I need help with getting some information from anyone who knows the parts required to install a C30/C38 supercharger in the ST150.

I have researched on SICO Developments and Jam-Sport. Part list for the kits are very limited with information, not very specific. If anyone has the fitting guide and/or knows the specific parts in the kits please send me a message. I have emailed both websites for information and no response, been waiting weeks and nothing.

The reason I need to get info on all parts because then I can buy the parts separately in Australia, I don't want to pay extra thousand or more for Tax and Duty since it's valued more then $1000. Already got the intercooler, supercharger and fuel injection info, but the others I need information on.

Please help if you can, and thankyou for taking the time to read!