Hi from a new member!

Posted by: Gearbox Guy

Hi from a new member! - 07/06/19 06:13 PM

Hi all!
Does anyone have for sale a MP200 type or equivalent quality inlet manifold for MK6 ST150?
Thanks, Jason
Posted by: _Jimmy_

Re: Hi from a new member! - 09/06/19 09:42 AM

I've got the fusion fabrications custom one which is similar to the mountune one, perhaps not quite as good but gives nice torque, set me back about 650 plus a lot of other bits.

You can get a Mountune one if you're lucky enough to find one
Posted by: Scotty

Re: Hi from a new member! - 08/08/19 09:55 AM

Welcome to the site Jason,

MP200 inlet. You'll be looking at 1500 and they are like Unicorn Poo. I know a few people with them but i think they will be buried with the inlet lol
Posted by: kenny

Re: Hi from a new member! - 02/09/19 10:04 PM

Hi and welcome