St 2 seems slow

Posted by: Martyn

St 2 seems slow - 21/01/19 10:58 PM

Iam hoping someone can advise me,i test drove a fiesta st2 yesterday in dealers,i really like it and want to buy it but on the test drive it did seem extremely slow in acelerating,i could not feel a turbo as such and was expecting a real put you in your seat acceleration, it is a 2013 model with 29 thousand miles on clock and appears to be in really good condition, am i expecting go much as it really felt sluggish ?
Posted by: _Jimmy_

Re: St 2 seems slow - 22/01/19 08:41 AM

I have only driven one on a short test drive so not too familiar, but would expect there to be a good shove from low down. They are torque limited in first and second gear as standard but I wouldn't expect it to feel slow, what are you used to driving?

The other thing is if you weren't giving it a lot of throttle due to being on a test drive then the turbo wouldn't really be producing boost. I wasn't too impressed on the test drive either tbh and stuck with my mk6 ST, but the mk7 is a much quicker car from what I gather.
Posted by: Martyn

Re: St 2 seems slow - 22/01/19 08:56 AM

Our other car is kuga titanium x sport 180bhp

So i was thinking the same power in st but much lighter would be much faster

Maybe iam not reving high enough with being used to diesels
Posted by: Hoff

Re: St 2 seems slow - 26/01/19 01:08 PM

I just bought an ST-2 and got into it straight from my mk6 with 160bhp. The mk7 is much quicker than the mk6 but I would agree that there's a bit of a wait for the turbo from low down the rev range. That should be fixed with a remap though. Once she's up above 2500rpm she flies!
Posted by: YellowBadge

Re: St 2 seems slow - 28/01/19 01:34 PM

Mk8 is much quicker than Mk7
Posted by: Hoff

Re: St 2 seems slow - 31/01/19 06:31 PM

Surprising, but something about 500cc being optimal pot size. I'm not sure about a 3cyl though!
Posted by: Martyn

Re: St 2 seems slow - 02/02/19 07:36 PM

I have since bought this st2 and had it 4 days now and i take back my comment about being slow,i now know alot of the power comes high up in the rev range,and its a bit bumpy but eveytime i drive it i come out of it with a big smile ,its just fun ,i plan to get it mapped soon and getsome wind deflectors and mudflaps and leave it like that
Posted by: Devonst84

Re: St 2 seems slow - 02/02/19 11:30 PM

Sounds like a good plan mate I don't personally own the st 2 but the st150 but if you get it tuned I'd get an induction kit give the car a nice roar but not loud and I your face and give that little bit better throttle response and plausibly more hp from tuning
Posted by: Scotty

Re: St 2 seems slow - 07/05/19 01:18 PM

I've only just got to this thread but you've answered it already.

The Mk7's need a little bit of a kick in the head to get going. You'd find if you added the Mountune 215 kit on, it really free's it up and makes it pretty quick happy