Fitting: April 2016
Kit: MT215
Cost: TBC
Included: Custom aluminium high-flow airbox with dual cold air feed
High-flow panel air filter by Mountune
Lower mount porous air feed hose
All hardware / clips required
Revised and remastered engine calibration
Mountune Performance badge fitted
Fitting by Ford Mountune Authorised Dealer with Receipt keeping full warranty


After only having done 200 miles on my 2016 Fiesta st I decided I wanted to get the Mountune 215 Kit added. After talking to a few different dealers I found Jacksons Ford to be the most helpful, very competitively priced and based in the midlands which was super helpful. I didn't want to have to drive all the way to Mountune in Essex costing another 50+ in fuel and 4+ hours travel time.

Dan at the Dealer was extremely helpful and contacted me straight back to the queries I had. I took the plunge and booked my car in.

I arrived at the dealer and was greeted with a screen welcoming me with my name on and time of appointment. Within 2 minutes the car was whisked off by the Mountune Technician and the job was already being done. It only took 30 minutes to install. I was given the keys back and had the job confirmed. I parted with my hard earned cash and was wished good bye.

I was eager to get into the car and see the difference it made. I can honestly say it makes the car move to the next level. It's smooth, more torque when in higher gears (5th/6th) navigating hills and most importantly improves the performance, speed and smoothness of drive. I have to be honest and say I was skeptical at first of the hardnut mountune fans giving a slightly inflated verdict but I can honestly say it's worth having.

Jacksons Ford were professional, efficient and have done a perfect job. Anyone in the Midlands Area or outskirts I simply wouldn't go anywhere else. Give them a ring if you want to discuss the kits or parts on offer.