Hi All,

A quick apology for the fact that images in posts, including the site banner, are currently not displaying correctly and simply showing "Sorry this image is currently unavailable".

The majority of the images in peoples posts are stored on this sites paid for Photobucket account. Photobucket has been down for over nine days now and a lot of people are currently getting a bit nervous about whether they are in trouble as a company if you look at their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, especially as they're being a bit vague in updates as to the techincal problems they claim to have and when they'll be back online.

I hope that the rumours going around aren't true as I know we would be gutted if we'd lost this sites archive of over 50,000 images from since 2008 when our previous image supplier wene down.

Hopefully it all gets resolved soon and the images on the site start displaying correctly once again.

Kind Regards,
Chris and the team thumbs